Between Sisters - Kristin Hannah

This was my fourth Kristin Hannah book this year and I'm fairly certain that it'll be my last one, at least for awhile. While I was a huge fan of Firefly Lane and Fly Away I'm starting to get the sense that most of her older books are a little too formulaic and there's tons of other, more interesting books for me to sink into.

This was my least favorite of the four books I've read so far and it took over 100 pages for anything substantial to happen. Given that this book was just over 300 pages...that is far too long. While the final two hundred pages were somewhat decent the long beginning kind of soured the experience for me. I'm not sure how I felt by the end either. It was a happy ending, and for some reason it didn't feel as though the ending was the original ending. It didn't feel very organic. The characters weren't all that memorable either. If I wasn't writing this review mere minutes after I finished reading Between Sisters, I'm fairly certain I'd have a very hard time writing anything as it was not something that's going to stick in my mind for very long.