The Taking - Dean Koontz

Back in college I was a big Koontz fan, probably because Stephen King wasn’t really producing anything worthwhile and I’d read all his good stuff already…so Dean Koontz was a good second choice…especially as he writes like crazy so not only did he already have an insanely large back catelogue to choose from, there were always new releases to choose from at all.

But then I got bored and moved on and it’s been at least 7 years since the last time I read a Dean Koontz novel and I probably wouldn’t have picked one of his books again if it hadn’t been for picking up three of his older novels at the local antique store. They were cheap (in fact, I actually scored them for free) and well, it was as good a time as any to delve back into the works of an author I had previously enjoyed.

This book started out well enough and for a while there I was fairly intrigued by what was going on. But about three quarters of the way through I started losing interest. No real reason, just one of those things where things just become a little too bizarre. I also noticed that the writing seemed a little clunky, so that was probably a factor. I’m not a big fan of having to go back to reread passages in order for them to make sense. 

I’m still looking forward to reading the other two Koontz books though.