Sick: In the Name of Being Well, I Made Myself Sick - Laura Susanne Yochelson

I downloaded this book on my Kindle after I read a review and thought it sounded like an interesting read. 

After reading it though, it was probably a book I should have skipped. Although not terrible, I was underwhelmed with it. The narrative wasn’t extremely compelling and in a lot of ways, I did not like Laura. By the end of the book I felt as though that Laura had not changed at all. In a lot of ways, it felt as though Laura felt kind of superior to everyone else because she felt she was healthier than everyone else due to the food choices that she made, and even makes today after her so called recovery.

Also, even though it’s only been about two weeks since I finished reading this book…and typically I’d remember lots of details about a book…but this one, most of the details have already disappeared.