Bound by Guilt - C.J. Darlington

Yet another Christian Fiction book that somehow managed to find it’s way onto my Kindle. Thankfully it was not an overly preachy novel (reason #1 I usually avoid Christian Fiction) and I actually enjoyed this novel for the most part, especially the first half.

Like I said, the first half was exciting and for awhile there I was anxiously “paging” through this novel waiting to see how it was going to play out. After awhile though, it kind of slowed down and I almost lost interest in it….it didn’t so much lose momentum as much as I just lost interest once I was able to predict how it was going to finish playing out. 

Overall, I liked the crime portion of the novel…especially as it was sort of unique in having the robbery over my absolute favorite material thing in the world…books (and okay, one of my favorite classic novels “The Great Gatsby”….) but after that novelty wore off…I didn’t get much out of it.