The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Like many others, I read (or actually, reread) this novel in anticipation for the movie version that was released a month or so ago. Sadly I did not get an opportunity to see the movie but I was extremely glad for the opportunity to rediscover this novel.

The first time I read The Great Gatsby was straight out of college. I had never been assigned to read this classic in high school and I sort of thought I was missing out on something. So I borrowed a copy from the library, read it and almost immediately forgot about it. I mean, I remembered that I read it and all but as far as the plot or most of the characters except Jay Gatsby and Daisy…it all kind of disappeared and I had the sinking suspicion that reading The Great Gatsby had been a waste of time.

But I guess over the years I grew some fondness for the book. I ended up naming one of my two cats Gatsby (his brother’s name is Hemingway and I wanted to keep the literary theme going)…and I was more than a little excited the first time I saw the trailer for the new movie (oh okay, I just wanted an excuse to see yet another Leonardo DiCaprio movie).

But anyway, I reread the book and I’m so glad I did…especially as I did not get to see the movie. This time around I enjoyed it much more, and understood it a lot better. I went into the book thinking that I was probably going to come away disappointed but I wasn’t. Not at all. Instead I realized that despite my first experience…I loved The Great Gatsby and it’s not difficult to understand why it’s considered a classic…it’s timeless.