The Things We Do for Love - Kristin Hannah

I gave The Things We Do For Love a four star rating straight after finishing, but after letting it stew in my mind for a few days, I’m tempted to change the rating to a three. 

Initially, I had enjoyed the story immensely. Just like Firefly Lane and Fly Away I was swept away in the story almost immediately and like the two previous novels, raced through it as quickly as I could. Because of that, I didn’t give myself a whole lot of time to ponder the story…instead I focused on my emotional response and based my rating solely on that.

The book is an emotional book, especially if you are personally vested in the subjects of infertility and/or adoption. As a child of adoption, my emotions ran a little more deeply than a more casual reader. 

There was nothing technically wrong with the book. Although I don’t believe it was quite as well written as Firefly Lane and Fly Away, the writing was what I have come to expect in a above average novel. I read a review complaining that the characters were flat and didn’t change, but I disagree with that. None of that was a problem…the problem I’m having with it now after letting the story stew in my mind is the plot. I realized that the story itself was actually very predictable and cliched…so now I’m having a hard time rationalizing the four star rating I gave it. 

Perhaps from now on I will wait a day or two to put a star rating on Good Reads.