Little Children: A Novel - Tom Perrotta

I’ve kind of been avoiding writing this review for about three weeks now because although I liked Little Children enough to give it a four star rating (usually an indicator of a book I’d willfully reread at sometime in the future), it definitely did not completely meet my expectations that I had for it based on my reading experience with The Leftovers.

I believe the problem with Little Children was a personal one, while The Leftovers had it’s share of “moral dilemmas”, none of them struck that close to home with me. The book was very hypothetical and so it was easy not to get too wrapped up in wondering what was right and what was wrong…it was an entirely different scenario and there was no reference of what was right or what was wrong when the world was changed so dramatically. With Little Children however, the entire book was a moral dilemma and when I got to the end…I kind of felt mad with myself for feeling so much sympathy for the characters…as in real life, I would not be able to support their actions at all. 

But although the book made me feel mad at myself…at the same time, I liked it for that same reason. I liked reading and liking characters so unlike myself…I even felt for a character that in all other circumstances I’d find deplorable.