Tell No Lies - Julie Compton

This was just a so-so read for me. I usually do like a good legal thriller whether it’s in book form, movie form or television form but this one didn’t do much for me. 

The problem with this particular novel, for me at least, was the pacing. It wasn’t until I was nearly three quarters of the way through this before anything started to pick up…and the lead up was somewhat suspenseful but not enough to actually keep my interest longer for more than a few pages before I’d stop reading and find something else to do. 

I did however like the writing. It wasn’t extraordinary or anything like that, but there was a certain flow to it that did make reading the novel bearable, even when the action I was expecting wasn’t happening. I also liked the fact that it ended on an open ended note…usually it would drive me crazy but I kind of liked not knowing all the details, it certainly gave me a chance to come up with my own theories.