Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher

It took me only a few hours to get through this book, once I started reading and figured out the format I felt like I was pulled into the story and although I really did want to put it down and go clear my head, I just couldn’t. I had to keep reading.

This was not an easy book to read. It was heavy, and sad, and sometimes unbearable but at the same time I found it terrifically executed, almost as if I was reading a mystery and trying to figure out whodunit and with that, it made me breeze through even though I do not typically read mysteries.

The one downfall of this book was the format. There is a lot of dialogue (both verbal and inner dialogue) in this book (probably 95% is pure dialogue) and it takes at least the first chapter to find the rhythm…Hannah’s dialogue is written entirely in italics which helps but I still found myself having to stop and read over a page to make sure I had read it correctly and knew who said what. It was’t an entirely unique way of writing a story, but not common enough that it made for an easy reading experience.