You Only Die Twice - Christopher Smith

This was a solid three star read for me. With the exception of Stephen King, I don’t read a lot of thriller/horror books and I almost never watch these types of movies either (Criminal Minds gives me nightmares so even though I love the show, I tend to avoid it.)

You Only Die Twice reminded me of an episode of Criminal Minds that I did see. In that particular episode the killers would kidnap a victim then let them run lose in a forest while they literally hunted them down like deer. While these killers didn’t perform the same ritual, you can definitely see how there would be a parallel from the show to this novel.

Surprisingly, there were a few very funny one liners in this book which definitely made this book easier to get through. About the only time I can watch a scary movie or television show is when there’s some comedic relief scattered throughout so I definitely appreciated that. 

I wasn’t exactly sold on the idea of the serial killers performing their killings in the name of God because their behavior and language, regardless of the killing, was definitely not God like at all. If I had to change something about the book, I would probably lose that angle to make it a little more plausible…but as far as being a quick, thrilling read this definitely hit it’s mark.