Breaking the Rules - Cat Lavoie

This was just a meh read…in fact, the first chapter was so long and tediously boring that for awhile there it didn’t seem as though I was going to even manage to get through that. But I continued to read and while the book did get marginally better, or at least more interesting by the time I got to the end all I felt was relief that I made it to the end and I could finally move on to a better book.

Although the twist towards the end did catch my attention (and sadly, not in a good way)…I mostly felt disappointed by this book. The first is the food. Roxy is a self professed foodie…and while there were plenty of food related scenes…not a single one made me take notice and feel those hunger pangs that you sometimes get when a character in a book is eating or cooking something that sounds completely amazing. The second disappointment is the setting. This novel takes place in NYC and yet…it there was absolutely nothing that made this novel yell out NYC…it could have taken place just about anywhere. Perhaps it’s a minor offence, but setting is important…especially if you take the time to mention that the novel takes place in a very specific place…

There was plenty more that I disliked about this book, but I do not think I have the patience to delve that far into my memory bank to drag the details to the surface. It was not an enjoyable story for me at all and although it had some great reviews on Good Reads I just cannot get behind them. I do not recommend this book. There’s a lot of much better books out there, especially in this particular genre that you’d only be wasting your time with this particular title.