The Hunger Pains: A Parody (Harvard Lampoon) - The Harvard Lampoon

So, this is not my usual reading fare. While I do have a decent sense of humor in other aspects of my life…I tend to lean towards the humorless when it comes to reading. I also tend to stay away from Parodies…just, not my thing. Perhaps after about the 1,000 Scary Movie spin off I lost my taste for that sort of thing…

But thanks to a well meaning best friend who knew I enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy..this book, cleverly disguised as a Christmas present, found its way into my ever growing stack of TBR books.

And I’ll admit, I stalled reading it. Sure, it was short and probably would take me a few short hours of reading to complete it…but those hours could also be spent reading something more worthwhile…so I avoiding the book like a plague for quite awhile, making up excuses every few weeks when the donor of said book asked about my progress in reading it…Um, I didn’t get to read it yet because my gerbil died and I was in mourning..

Eventually though I ran out of excuses and figured that I might as well bite the bullet and slaughter the damn thing. Besides…after my usual miserable week at work I usually could use a laugh.

So I read it…and I laughed. A lot. More than I thought I would. And yes, it was stupid. Completely and utterly stupid but strangely enough…kind of brilliant in a complete idiotic way. My favorite part, hands down was when  Run (Rue) dies, Kantkiss proceeds to start singing Coolio’s Gangsta Paradise.

This book definitely won’t be getting any awards for being intelligent, or even remotely “smart” but hey, it entertained me for a few hours and kept me laughing.