A Dual Inheritance - Joanna Hershon

I was not a huge fan of A Dual Inheritance, though, I’m sure it actually had nothing to do with the book or with Joanna Hershon. In reality, it was actually a very well written book and I’m sure under different circumstances I’d have appreciated it a lot more. The problem was, was that I attempted (and succeeded, barely) to forge my way through this book while feeling quite ill with an upper respiratory infection…so reading a heavy (subject wise) book like this was not in the best interest for anyone. I should have stuck to something fun, light, and entertaining.


But anyway, now that I am feeling better I realize that I actually enjoyed this book more than I thought I did. It did have it’s occassional dull moments, and there was several sections where I found myself confused about what was going on…but again, perhaps both were just symptoms of trying to read while not being able to breath properly…or go two minutes without going into a coughing fit. 


I wish I could go into more detail with this review, but unfortunately after finishing it more than a week ago (and again, being sick during most of the reading) I’m not exactly sure what worked and what didn’t. I liked that the story was told through the eyes of both Ed and his daughter…though I think the perspectives should have been limited to just the two of them. Sometimes when the attention shifted to another character besides the two of them it got a bit confusing…though, it wouldn’t have been a bad thing if Hugh had a voice in the novel. He seemed to be the most complex character in the entire novel and although I’m not entirely sure I’d actually like him…I wouldn’t have minded to get to know him better.