Wedding Night - Sophie Kinsella

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Sophie Kinsella. I hate her Shopaholic series (oh okay, I’ve only managed to stomach one of those novels) but her stand alone novels are usually pretty lovely. 


Wedding Night is the fourth stand alone novel I’ve read to date and although it had it’s charms, it was not my favorite. The biggest problem for me is that the novel was just a tad too long. Now, I love a long novel, I mean, my favorite novel of all time is probably the unabridged version of The Stand…but this novel just felt unnecessarily long. I never before felt as though a Sophie Kinsella novel dragged but this one did. Not terribly so, but the buildup just kept going and going and after awhile I just wanted to skip ahead to see how it all played out. 


Despite that, it was a very fun novel to read and I found myself chuckling out loud more than once. It definitely had the Kinsella charm and I could totally see a sequel coming from Wedding Night. I think I’d actually enjoy that.