The Year Without Summer: 1816 and the Volcano That Darkened the World and Changed History - William K. Klingaman, Nicholas P. Klingaman

I read mostly fiction books, with some memoirs thrown into the mix. I think that that fact is important to know from the very beginning. I do not read many non fiction books, and even fewer historical books. Because of this, I had a very difficult time getting through this book. I’d read a section or two and then I’d put the book down. Very rarely did I find the book engaging enough to read for long periods of time. 


It was an interesting book. I did especially love how the book not only focused on the obvious geological and meteorological ramifications of the volcano’s eruption but how they affected actual people-especially writers such as Jane Austen, Mary Shelly, et. al. I know when I read Frankenstein back in high school, our English teacher made no mention of the phenomenal that occurred just prior to Shelly penning her famous novel.

But again, I had a hard time staying focused on the book. It probably did not help that the book seemed to flit around a lot between topics. It was a little dizzying to have to switch focus every few pages.