Lie to Me (an OddRocket title) - Suzanne Brahm

I have mixed feelings about Lie to Me. On one hand, I enjoyed the story a lot. It was one of those books that sucked me in from the beginning and it was hard for me to stop reading it. On the other hand though, it also left me with feelings of ich…especially as Cassie and RD’s relationship careened in a direction that no 16 year old and a 23 year old’s relationship should ever go.

Still, I thought that Lie to Me was a well developed, and well written book overall. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the way things turned out, but it does happen and I think Suzanne Brahm did a fairly good job of creating this dicey situation without delving too hard into the moral implications. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with how the book finished up (just a little too neat and tidy for my liking) and I did find some errors towards the end of the book but nothing too horrible.