Another F-Word - Lissa Brown

Before I begin my review, I just need to state for the record that I do admire Lissa Brown for tackling this controversial subject. It’s a topic that I feel very strongly about and it was very difficult to turn around and give this book a single star.

However, it truly was not a good book by any stretch of the imagination. The writing style, the characterization, the actual story line…it was all severely lacking. About the only redeeming part of this book (aside from the subject matter) was the fact that it was a quick read. If it was any longer, I would not have finished it. 

The biggest fault was that the story was dull. There were several events that should have caught my attention, but the entire book was written in a way that the highlights and lowlights of the book were indistinguishable from one another. There was just no way of getting excited, especially as the plot was so transparent. As soon as an event began to unfold, I knew exactly how it was going to play out.

There was no real characterizations in this book either. Each character was a cliche, and for the most part they stayed static throughout the entire book…which, along with the predictable plot made for an extremely boring and unsatisfying read.

Finally, the narration. Now, I’ve taken a few writing classes so I’m not pulling this advice out of my you know what…but when you are writing a story you are suppose to show, not tell. There was absolutely no showing going on in Another F-Word which left nothing to the imagination, which last time I checked, is the reason why people read novels to begin with. 

If you have any experience with reading, this is definitely a book you’ll want to skip unless you are truly masochistic and enjoy being tortured for some 200 odd pages.