Thin Wire: A mother's journey through her daughter's heroin addiction - Christine Lewry

I don’t think I need to write a synopsis about this book, the title pretty much covers it. Thin Wire is the story of a young woman’s heroine addiction, and her mother’s struggle to somehow save her daughter. 

Although I love reading memoirs, I find that I have a hard time reviewing them. Unless it’s truly terribly written, it’s very difficult to put forth an opinion on the book without feeling as though you are passing judgement on the actions of author of the book…something I do not like doing. It would be one thing if this book was a work of fiction, then I probably would not think twice about reaming out Christine’s character, her idea of dealing with her daughter’s increasing dependence to heroine. I almost did not finish this because I was just so frustrated by her.

But it was a memoir and I felt as though I couldn’t do these things. I just had to swallow back any critisisims I felt and wait to see how the rest of the book played out and instead focus my attention on the mechanics of the book…how was it written? To my memory it was an okay written book. At times the story shifted between Christine’s viewpoint and her daughter’s and it wasn’t always clear when that happened…so that was annoying, and why I dropped the rating to 3 stars but other than that, I seem to remember it was decent. Not overly exciting. Not something I’d recommend, but for the price (a Kindle freebie) decent enough.