Latitude 38 - Ron Hutchison

Sometime in the not too distance future, the United States is fractured in two. Divided by debate over immigration, gay rights, euthanasia, gun control, capital punishment, school prayer, same-sex marriage, pro choice and a host of other controversial topics the former United States is just a ghost of it’s former self.

Diego and Adriana live in the Southern 38, a place filled with secret police, televised executions, and a near Draconian medical system. When Adriana is diagnosed with terminal cancer, the couple know that they only have two choices, let Adriana die in complete agony, or take the greatest risk of their lives by escaping to the North.

This book was excruciating to read. It was very grim, depressing, and very bloody. Not exactly the kind of book I enjoy reading very often. By the time I got to the end of this book, I felt physically ill and I was more than happy to move on to something else, anything else. 

Still, despite being depressing it was an exciting book to read and until I knew for sure how it ended, I more or less tore through the book trying to find out what happened next.