Children of the Fog - Cheryl Kaye Tardif

When Sadie O’Connell witnesses her young son being kidnapped by serial kidnapper The Fog, she has two options: pretend she did not see a thing and allow her son to hopefully live, or reveal The Fog’s identity to police and risk having her son sent back to her “in little bloody pieces”.

After I finished reading this, I gave Children of the Fog three stars on Good Reads. Now, two months later I’m not exactly sure what made it a three star rather than the two star my memory would give it. I guess that I gave it three stars because it was a page turner, I don’t recall too many dull moments once the action starts.

However, the biggest thing I recall about this book is how unbelievable the characters seem. Not one character seemed to have normal reactions to the kidnapping…to my memory, it seemed that this sort of situation was almost normal. It just felt very odd. Then there was a few subplots involving Sadie’s husband being involved with a white collar crime, and him and Sadie’s best friend having an affair. Subplots can be good, even necessary, but not when they distract from the main plot and do little to move it along. It seemed as though Tardif wanted to somehow get rid of them before the action started to pick up so she wouldn’t have to work them into the story.

But still, Children of the Fog was a page turner and if you are looking for an exciting read that does not require too many brain cells this book might just be the thing for you.